Bel-Air House Of Silver

          Restoration Services & Happy Customers              


Serving: homeowners, antique dealers, collectors,     insurance companies & jewelry stores

                     Silver *  Brass * Copper * Pewter

                     Silver Replating, Copper Retinning

                 Polishing, Lacquering, Repair & Engraving

                      Restoration Services for:

heirlooms, tea sets, flatware, trays, hollowware, candelabras, dresser sets, trophies, picture frames, jewelry, samovars, lamps, jewelry boxes,  coat racks, tables,  hardware, chandeliers, fireplace tools, brass beds ... and much more.                                

  • Tortoise Shell Comb Replacements
  • Boar Brush Replacements
  • Sheffield Knife Blade Replacements    
  • Heirloom Shadow Boxes                               

Tortoise Shell Comb, Boar Brush & Mirror Replacements

                 Sheffield Knife Blade & Flatware Replacements

           Replated Candleholders

                                        Polished & Lacquered Candleholders

                    Replated Punch Bowl

        Trophy Restoration

                                                  Engraved Julep Cups

  Polished & Lacquered Picture Frames

                                      Polished & Lacquered Brass Table Top

         Polished & Lacquered Brass Bed