Bel-Air House Of Silver

          Restoration Services & Happy Customers              


Serving: homeowners, antique dealers, collectors,     insurance companies & jewelry stores

                     Silver *  Brass * Copper * Pewter

                     Silver Replating, Copper Retinning

                 Polishing, Lacquering, Repair & Engraving

                      Restoration Services for:

heirlooms, tea sets, flatware, trays, hollowware, candelabras, dresser sets, trophies, picture frames, jewelry, samovars, lamps, jewelry boxes,  coat racks, tables,  hardware, chandeliers, antique car light reflectors, fireplace tools,  ... and much more.                                

  • Tortoise Shell Comb Replacements
  • Boar Brush Replacements
  • Sheffield Knife Blade Replacements    
  • Heirloom Shadow Boxes                               

              Garbage Disposal Damaged Flatware Restored


           Replated Candleholders

                                          Polished & Sealed Candleholders

                    Replated Punch Bowl

        Trophy Restoration

                                                  Engraving Services

         Restored Dresser Set

                                        Polished & Sealed Brass Table Top